Plates Design

TestSight’s Plates Design functionality is a comprehensive plates design package that allows for the accurate and rapid design of ICT fixture plates. The plates design can include multiple plates in a stack, and each plate can include cutouts and drill in any shape, size and depth.

Cutouts can be rectangular, circular or polygon, with settable depths. Drill points are added automatically using the probe socket size information and other automatic design functions.

When the plates design is complete, the Plates reporter is used to output a variety of reports including NC Drill, Autocad (dxf) and Fadal Router formats.

The Fadal router format is an optimized NC route file that can be loaded directly into a Fadal router.

Features include:

  • Create and edit rectangle, circular and polygon cutouts
  • Create, save and load complex shapes
  • Cut, copy and paste all shapes and drill
  • Add guide pins, pressure rods, and transfer probes
  • Print optimized, error checked direct to router outputs
  • Complete drill and route speed control