Test Development

Test Development Process

The test development process, as applied to In-Circuit (ICT) and Optical testers, must focus not only on the initial design phase, but, equally importantly, on life-cycle management, in order to reduce the recurring costs of test program generation and interface hardware.

The initial design phase generally consists of data import, data edit, and output of the appropriate tester-formatted files. The life cycle management phase begins when the first revision is made to the circuit board. Each revision can impact the soft (test program) and hard (fixture) test assets generated during the initial design phase.

TestSight CAD Compare — a downloadable software product — focuses on life cycle management tools, including DFT analysis and Revision change analysis (Revision Management).

TestSight Developer — a downloadable software product — provides tools to address every aspect of the initial design phase and life cycle management process, including DFT analysis, Probe Placement, Fixture Plate Design, Bead Probe design, and Revision change analysis (Revision Management).

TestSight Plot Generator — a downloadable software product — is a low-cost, easy-to-use utility designed specifically to supplement the Keysight 3070 and I5000 test systems. In addition to providing a powerful plotting capabilty that replaces the capability formerly available with the Unix version of Keysight’s programming environment, it can be used as a powerful aide in 3070 repair applications.