CAD Compare

TestSight CAD Compare is a powerful tool for analyzing your circuit board(s) and providing long term, life-cycle support of your fixture. It combines the functions of Revision Management, DFT Analysis and BOM Compare into a single, cost effective package.

CAD Compare quickly determines the differences between Computer Aided Design (CAD) to CAD, CAD to Fixture, and Bill of Materials (BOM) to BOM data sets. With TestSight CAD Compare, you can easily view differences in new CAD revisions with an existing fixture in order to determine the changes necessary to re-use the existing fixture.

The compare process involves (1) loading the Fixture files, (2) loading the new CAD file being considered for use on the existing fixture, and (3) using the drill down tree views and the graphics (ViewPort) overlay views to quickly determine the changes in the new CAD file, and how those changes affect the existing fixture.

Compare Modes

  • Fixture To CAD
  • CAD To CAD
  • CAD To BOM
  • BOM To BOM

Name Matching

  • Parts
  • Nets
  • Devices
  • Packages

Manufacturing Data Import

  • Gerber
  • Drill

Fixture Import

  • Keysight 3070 Board
  • BoardXY
  • Fixture
  • GenRad 228X
  • Generic Probes Files

CAD To CAD Compare

  • Nets Compare
  • No Matching Pin List
  • Renamed Nets
  • Pin List Changed
  • Loss Of Probe Coverage
  • Parts Compare
  • No Matching Name
  • Renamed Parts
  • Part Package Changes
  • Pin Net <> Pin Net
  • Part Centroid Changes
  • Part Footprint Changes
  • Same Location Renamed
  • Loss Of Probe Coverage
  • Part Value Changes
  • Probes Compare
  • Probed Net Changed
  • Probe Pad Location Changed
  • Probe Pad Missing
  • Probe To Part Collisions
  • Probe Pad Access Changes
  • Probe Pad Minimum Size

Display Modes

  • Split View Locked
  • Split View Unlocked
  • Overlay Cancel Same
  • Overlay Highlight Same
  • Dual Selected Net List
  • Dual Selected Part List
  • Dual Selected Pad List
  • Dual Circuit Board Lists

CAD Import

  • GenCAD
  • GenCAM
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Mentor Neutral
  • IPC356A
  • Pads Power PCB
  • Mentor Integra

Drawing Import

  • AutoCAD (dxf)
  • HPGL

Fixture To CAD Compare

  • Drawing Overlay
  • Visual Pressure Rod
  • Cutout Verification
  • Pressure Rods Compare
  • Automatic Pressure Rods Check

CAD To BOM Compare

  • Circuit Board To BOM Value Changes
  • Circuit Board Parts Not In BOM
  • BOM Parts Not In CB

BOM To BOM Compare

  • BOM To BOM Value Changes
  • BOM Parts Match
  • Part Numbers Match (With Match Filter)
  • Part Numbers No Match (With Match Filter)

BOM Reports

  • Custom Formatted BOM Files
  • Circuit Board To BOM Comparison Report
  • BOM To BOM Comparison Report

For more information, or to obtain a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of this, or any, TestSight software, contact DeMille Research.