Plot Generator

TestSight Plot Generator is a low-cost utility program that duplicates the functionality of the Keysight Plot Generator Web Service. With Plot Generator you can load and view Board, Board_XY and Fixture files, and print or plot a variety of HPGL files for verifying your fixture design. Plot Generator runs directly on your local computer to insure security of your design data.

Plot Generator loads the Board, Board_XY and Fixture files and generates a variety of plots for verifying the fixture data prior to building the fixture. The plots can be sent directly to the printer or plotter with 1:1 accuracy to the resolution of the plotter used. The TestSight Plot Generator is designed as a replacement for the now discontinued Keysight Plot Generator Web Service.

Plot Generator can be used to find parts, nets and probes in the Board_XY file.

Plots generated by the Plot Generator can show whether or not the board is correctly oriented on the fixture. You can verify that probes appear in the correct locations by generating a full-sized plot on a piece of clear plastic or Mylar and then comparing the plot against the blank PC board.

Plot Generator outputs the full suite of files for locating:

  • Personality pins and probes on the fixture’s top and bottom plates
  • Placement of the circuit board(s) on the fixture
  • Locations of the critical and functional interconnecting wires in a fixture
  • Location of all alternate and extra probes for nodes and device pins
  • Location of tooling holes
  • Locations of keepout areas on the board
  • Locations of keepout areas on the fixture

For more information, or to obtain a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of this, or any, TestSight software, contact DeMille Research.