Revision Management

TestSight Developer Revision Manager is used to determine the changes in a circuit board revision that can affect the usability of existing test assets, including test fixtures and programs. A new revision to an existing board design can include artwork (layout) changes, netlist changes, part value and package changes, Bill of Materials (BOM) changes and others.

Revision Manager functionality allows a new revision of the CAD to be loaded and displayed in either split screen or overlay views. The analysis functions quickly determine all physical changes to the circuit board and present them in a series of reports designed to allow instant evaluation of the necessary test changes to support the new revision.

When comparing an existing ICT fixture to the new revision, Probes reports include No Pads, Shifted Pads, Masked Pads, Undersized Pads and Part Separation. These reports determine the impact of the revision on an existing fixture.

Revision Manager incorporates sophisticated search functions to determine if nets and part names have changed, or if nets or parts have been added or deleted. These functions include match filters for standard character substitutions, and pin matching for net changes. Reports for Parts include Parts Added, Parts Deleted, Renamed Parts, Parts Moved, and Parts that have lost Probes. Nets reports include Probe Coverage Loss, Renamed Nets, and Pins Changed.

Revision Management Features and Benefits

  • Immediate analysis of design change impact on existing test assets
  • Split view tracking display of both boards simultaneously
  • Overlay display for quick visual inspection of differences
  • Comprehensive reports of all relevant design changes
  • Easy to use, intuitive displays and interactive reports
  • Sophisticated part and net name change recovery
  • BOM value and part package changes