Repair Station

TestSight Repair Station is an easy-to-use, inexpensive standalone system designed to assist the test technician in quickly locating parts, nets, probes, shorts and other objects on a circuit board. Repair Station provides a powerful tool to quickly find potential areas for shorts by identifying the points of closest convergence between nets. Nets can be grouped for cases in which the tester reports multiple nets for a given shorts test.

Repair Station can be learned in minutes, and requires little or no technical support. It can make your test technician much more efficient the first time it is used.

Repair Station can load DXF (autocad) formatted schematic files, with automatic linkage to the circuit board layout display.

Repair Station can be linked to tester output files to automatically display test results from a given tester. Contact DeMille Research for more information on this capability.

For more information, or to obtain a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of this, or any, TestSight software, contact DeMille Research.