TestSight software has built-in import of the GenCAD Version 1.4 format directly into the TestSight object model.

GenCAD is a format for electronic data interchange. The primary focus of the GenCAD standard is Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication and testing.

The GenCAD file includes all information about a PCB, including route (trace) information, part information, net information, etc. As the GenCAD file is loaded, TestSight builds system objects.

When TestSight loads GenCAD components or routes (Parts and Nets), the parts and nets are sorted alpha-numerically. This is useful when iterating through a parts or nets collection to build a listing, such as a tree view.

GenCAD supports some higher level object definitions, such as fixture design. When these higher level objects are incorporated in the GenCAD file, TestSight automatically builds structures to support the GenCAD objects.