Probes Placement

The TestSight Developer Probes Placement function determines optimum ICT probe target locations based on pad characteristics and the spacing requirements between probes and from probes to parts.

Pad targets can be selected based on type, shape, size, drill size, access settings and mask relief. These characteristics can be programmed into a Macro that will automatically place probes based on the selected criteria, as well as minimum spacing requirements between probes.

Macros define a series of steps to place probes on the circuit board. Macros are usually designed to place the largest probes first on the most desirable pads. As the macro progresses, smaller probes are placed only if larger probes have no available target pads on a given net.

This approach to probe placement ensures that the size of the probes will always be maximized, resulting in a lower cost, higher reliability fixture design.

Probe Placement Features and Benefits

  • Fast, accurate probe placement and optimization
  • Lower cost, higher reliability fixtures due to maximized probe sizes
  • Complete flexibility in choosing target pad properties
  • Interactive or automatic probe placement
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Selectable net group placement allows prioritizing hi-value nets first
  • Programmable probe separation settings
  • Visual display of unprobed nets