Tester Support

Supported testers include (partial list):

  • Agilent (Keysight) 3070, i1000, i5000
  • Agilent (Keysight) 5DX, AOI
  • CheckSum MDA
  • CR Technology RTI 6500
  • Seica Flying Probe
  • Takaya Flying Probe
  • Teradyne Z1800, 2286, 2287, 128LX
  • Test Research Inc. (TRI) TR518, TR5001, TR8000, AOI
  • Vitrox AXI, AOI
  • YESTech YTV Series AOI

Agilent (Keysight) 3070 and i5000 Test Programmers

The 3070 Test Programmer generates board and boardxy files that can be loaded directly into the 3070 or i5000 test systems. Numerous format options provide detailed control over how pad alternates are listed in the board and boardxy files.

Features include:

  • Project Track quickly and easily identifies undefined devices
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials) Wizard automatically loads and merges BOM value, type, rating and tolerance data
  • Bead Design provides a fully automated Bead Probe Technology design package
  • Revision Manager automatically determines 3070 ICT fixture reuse changes by comparing the new CAD revision with existing fixture files
  • 3070 Test Programmer provides fully compatible board and boardxy outputs with integrated bead data
  • Device Editor provides quick editing of devices values and loads and saves PDL device files

Agilent (Keysight) i1000 Test System

Automatically generates all the necessary input files for the i1000 In-Circuit Test System. These files include the BOM, Nails, Pins and an ATD file. The ATD file is generated directly without any need to load a separate Excel spreadsheet.

Developer accurately assigns all test methods based on defined part types. Transistor On-Off tests are generated automatically.

Use our sophisticated Developer Probe Placement tools to automatically assign nails for the tester prior to test program generation.

CR Technology RTI 6500 Test Programmer

The RTI 6500 test programmer generates the CAD_EXCHANGE format for the CR Technology 6500 optical test system.

Takaya Flying Probe Test Programmer

The Takaya Flying Probe test programmer generates CA9-formatted output files. The output files are optimized to maximize tester throughput and minimize test development time. It has advanced features including automatic probe strike speed settings and auto guard.

Features Include:

  • Automatic Probe Speed Selection for maximum throughput
  • Automatic guard assignment for minimum test development time
  • Duplicate test filter
  • Advanced shorts find to minimize shorts test times
  • Automatic parallel parts definition and impedance calculation
  • Automatic tap count minimization

Teradyne Z1800 Test Programmer

The Z1800 test programmer generates the input list (IPL) format for the Teradyne Z1800 ICT test system.

Test Research Inc. (TRI) TR518, TR 5001, TR8000 Series Test Programmers

Automatically generates all the necessary input files for the TR518, TR5001 and TR8000 series test systems, including the DAT, ICN, ICP, Format, Nails, Pins, Parts and Nets files.

Use our sophisticated TestSight Probes Placement tools to automatically assign nails for the tester prior to test program generation.

YESTech AOI Test Programmer

The YTV Series test programmer generates the YESTech CAD format for the YTV series optical test systems.